A Korean exchange student who is very crazy, and enjoys skiing into trees.
Wow, that Yein sure is crazy.
by kaylawaylabobayla May 27, 2009
means yes and no (very strange)
probably made up by mistake..
German#1: Sprechen sie Deutsch?
Non-German guy#2: Yein!
German#1: Ja und Nein. okay.
by Stevie C June 08, 2005
Like the word "Nien" in german meaning NO.
Yien was invented one day on "msn messenger" between to people having a random convosation.

"Yein" is YES rather then "Nien" for No.

How to say yein:
Pronouced the same way nein is, but with a Y. (Y-INE)

Adi & NYK 2009
"Do you want this"

by l33tst friendz adi n nyk February 18, 2009
Yein is german for yes and is exclaimed when a miraculous moment occurs.
by Rd4wg March 25, 2014

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