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1. Early onset of alcohol withdrawal, after prolonged intoxication and beginning usually 4-8 hours after the last drink was consumed.

2. Alcohol intoxication.

{Definition is polarised for contextual application}


1. "Good fucking god I'm yeasty. There is no way in hell I'm drinking ever again"


2. "Hey boys, lets hit the town and get YEASTY!! YEEEW!!"

by Jayboy_Evo January 29, 2008
The act of having sex with a nasty woman who has a yeast infection in her coochie.

also know as 'pulling a yeasty' or 'getting some yeasty'
Simon: hey bro, last night I did something naughty.

James: lemme guess, you pulled another yeasty with that skank who gave you the burns last time.

Simon: How did you know?

James: because you cant get enough of the yeasty lovin'
by skinnyluv July 30, 2009
Extremely tight jeans. They are called yeasties b/c they are bound to cause a yeast infection! ; A term originally coined to refer to women whose pants were so tight it might give them the "yeasties". It seems to be applicable to men in growing numbers these days.
"The New Boyz love to wear yeasties and that is not sexy!"
"Man those yeasties are too tight!!!"
"Would you date a man in yeasties tighter than yours?"
"Do you see that girl in them yeasties?
by Wisdom Simone October 30, 2009
Nickname for a yeast infection or more commonly a inflamation of the vagina. Caused by bacteria and is very gross

Caused by poor hygine or if a girl is fucked too hard as irratation is another cause
Girl: "God dammit"
Guy: "Whats wrong?"
Girl: "I have another yeasty"
Guy: "Fuckkkkk not again"
by L Patrick May 07, 2011
Crusty, nasty, irrelevant
you need to shut up, yeasty ass imbecile!
by eMOLLY February 04, 2015
Yee-s-Tee: when the pointer finger is inserted into the vagina and the pinky finger is inserted into the anus, then in a rock-n-roll manner, the fingers are reversed while proclaiming "Yeasty BRO!"
I was listening to Iron Maiden while railing my chick and had to rock-n-roll her with a yeasty!
by southcalidave November 21, 2010
First coined after Brookline High School Headmaster Dr. Weintraub used the term yeasty ad nauseum during his graduation speech for the class of OH NINE. The bronze, leathery-skinned headmaster meant for the term to imply "youthful" but as his presentation was nastier than christy allie's taint, "yeasty" soon became synonymous with something unpleasant or disappointing.
Suzy: "Omg the old lady on the siting next to me on the train just ripped ass."
Rox: "Shit's yeasty."
by caldrox June 24, 2010

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