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Not known for their visual appeal, a fat chick is usually a highly sexually active female with disproportionate quantities of fat cells.

A Fat Chicks (sic) hypersexuality was thought to have originated from an obligation, and indeed a disposition, and an undeniable urge to procreate with members of the Male Homosapien race to degrees considered 'promiscuous' (references needed)

A Fat Chicks mating routine has gained notriety through what most describe as being generally violent in nature. Although the male partner initially consents, he is often discouraged shortly after intercourse is initiated, and is held against his will until the Point of Critical Fatness, also known as Event Horizon (references needed).

It has been estimated that there are 10,000,000,000 fat chicks on planet earth.
"There's another fat chick."
by Jayboy_Evo October 25, 2008
1. Early onset of alcohol withdrawal, after prolonged intoxication and beginning usually 4-8 hours after the last drink was consumed.

2. Alcohol intoxication.

{Definition is polarised for contextual application}


1. "Good fucking god I'm yeasty. There is no way in hell I'm drinking ever again"


2. "Hey boys, lets hit the town and get YEASTY!! YEEEW!!"

by Jayboy_Evo January 29, 2008
A reasoning phrase that is often used as a credible excuse even though it may not be true. Implies superiority or immunity.

Prase can be slightly modified to be used as a compliment.

Jhonno and crew: "Bucko, you're too pissed to drive ya friggin knob"
Bucko: "Its alright boys, me dad's in the army"

- (everybody knows that his dad is not in the army, but thats ok.)


Bucko: "Did ya hear about Smithy draggin that undercover cop the other night then borin up a darky out the front of his ex's?"
Jhonno: "Yeah man, his dad must be in the army"
by Jayboy_Evo January 25, 2008
1. Social anarchy or disorder, tom-foolery, skylarking or generally un-controlled behaviour.

2. A small town in Northern NSW, Australia.
1. -Whats with all this jackadgery? I'm trying to sleep!
-There was much jackadgery last night after the J.D was drunk.

2. I live at Jackadgery, and its shit.
by Jayboy_Evo January 21, 2008

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