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One that likes to take penis in the rear. See also: Homosexual, fags
Fearless is a bunch of yddnacs.
by not4u February 27, 2005

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A dude from the Bedevere, Igraine, Tristan server that thinks he's a sweet player when he achieved R2L4 in thidranki. Little does he know that no one cares, and will get wtfpwned when his inf gets older.
Dude that Yddnac is a poser coated shell filled with weaksauce.
by Igraine February 28, 2005
An Evil Thaumaturge of East Kesmai. Also, the most skilled player in the MMORPG DAoC.
Wow Yddnac totatly owns I wish I was him!
by Odd January 08, 2005