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A Spanish alter-ego for someone named "Jared". Consisting of the following guidelines:

1.someone who has achieved the mastery of greatness.
2.someone you would stride to be like.
3.a manifestation of excellence.
4.basically the raw-est nigga God could create.
5. a top notch baller marked by disticnt good looks, and man uggs.
6. someone amazing.
7. with a legendary sized penis who dresses extremely fly.
make sure yared comes to the party. no one wants awkward jared there, we want a good time.
by bronze diva April 04, 2010
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The result of a Jared and a moron at the supermarket that misspells said name on a birthday cake.
(Friend reading cake aloud) "Happy Birthday Yared! YARED?!"
by jcjones March 05, 2005
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Yared, the Ethiopian saint who lived in the 6th Century, is a legendary musician credited with inventing the sacred music tradition of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Ethiopia's system of musical notation.
That Ethiopian brotha' Yared can rhyme.
by Saint YG March 31, 2017
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