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The word Yardi is a Jamaican/Carribean word for Homie. Particularly used when addressing someone who was born or raised in the same area the speaker was.
Mi have mani yardis back in Kingston
by Karrlos September 27, 2005
Someone specifically born in Jamaica or who has Jamaican parents. Does not apply to other Caribbean islands.
Tyson Beckford is a yardi.

Me a yardi too!
by Laura Duvane September 10, 2007
Carribean dialect, meaning trans: from similiar ones own yard,i.e. location, town, city or country. A yardi would be someone you know from your home town.
Annie Magnus is no yardi of mine. She was born off the Island.
by David Seaton October 19, 2004
A yardi is a lad that wears shirts with the collar buttoned down and normally greyish coloured trowsers, and he would be wearing Rockport shoes.
"A up, look at that yardi over there!"
by Abz_Da_Fit_1 June 28, 2005
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