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A motorcycle racer with a flat billed hat and loads of logos on his attire.
typically seen with energy drinks in hand.
that guy is a yarbo.
by notyarbo December 01, 2013
2 0
A state of extreme tiredness in which everything is funny.
Johnny knew his girlfriend was in yarbo when she stared at a spoon, exclaimed "Spoon!" and burst into laughter.
by NoodlesTheCat January 28, 2012
2 2
Bro code word for a woman's breasts.
Fuck brah, check da yarbos on Sarah's friend. Double D's at least.
by rhev November 29, 2012
0 2
A random word, not an extension of yar.
Word is best used to "break the ice" or just break the silence. If things seem stale in a converstaion it is best used for random sayings.
Person 1 "Howre you doing?"
Person 2 "dont even ask"
Person 1"Yarbos?"
Person 2 "lol"
by Kyle Vesa December 06, 2006
4 12