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To smoke pot with a large group of people in a small bathroom that is steamed up from running hot water.
Yo Callie and Maddies! How do ya feel about yanking before laying down the vox overdubs on this track?
by richiedagger November 18, 2013
to lie on a small janky bed for hours with someone and watch hours watching mindless cartoons and old tv shows.
BRO: Hey, I'm yanking your gf?
Not Bro: Dude wtf?

BRO: Hey girl you want to go to a janky motel and yank?
by LeBROshan May 18, 2011
1. to dip the male reproductive organ in another man's drink as a prank
2. to dip the male reproductive organ in his girls drink to show he wants to get it on
1.yo i just yanked you
2.Tom: so you wit dat chick
Frank: yeah we was yanking da other night and got it in
by myman2020 August 04, 2011