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A crime syndicate in Tustin
an organized crime ring
by Gibby April 08, 2004
151 41
Perfection. Beauty, and Intelligence.
1.This Painting is Yanis! Outstanding! Brilliant!
2.A woman walks by two men, one says: "she's pretty what do you think?'' the second man says: "She's not Yanis''
by IMCDBB December 06, 2008
184 80
A little sweetie
A little sweetie pie
by X October 20, 2003
105 26
A good mate, very sweet and lovely 2 be around
by Rach October 28, 2003
79 33
A little sweetie
by X October 20, 2003
50 26
Many middle easterns use the word 'yani' just like like. It is used between each and every word for many people.
Yanilike yanilike I duno.
Yanilike Oh my God!
by MadameNinja February 15, 2004
59 47
1.A goddess. Yanis is not only a deity of sexual love but also of affection and all the impulses that underpin social life.
2.She is a caring and beautiful person often misunderstood.
3.A quiet and modest girl.
''Yanis is exactly how a woman should act.''
by fallingapart March 02, 2009
53 46