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4 definitions by Gibby

A crime syndicate in Tustin
an organized crime ring
by Gibby April 08, 2004
1.somthing stupid
2.marketing failure
thats so ngage
by Gibby April 08, 2004
Junk in the Trunk; Huge ass
That chick as a budunkadunk.
by Gibby December 21, 2004
A pyronecrobeastiphiliac who exudes unusually large quantities of gas, which when done simultaneously may result in massive explosions.
Timmy: Do you see that mushroom cloud over there?
Billy: Holy shit! Someone must have been having sex with burning dead baby animals while farting again.
Timmy: It must have been a Rear Admiral Poesh Dog Square Pants.
by Gibby February 10, 2004