Hebrew word for “precious.”

1. Yajaira’s are lovers not fighters, but if they have to, they will kick your ass.
2. Like to pretend that they are total G’s.
3. Very crazy, Yajaira's tend to be a little out there, total nymphomaniacs.
4. Another word for a semi-retarded goldfish that will just keep banging its head against its glass container over and over again till it dies.
5. Flirtatious and having astounding sex appeal by nature.
6. Crazy sex position where you don't even know what is going on.
7. A Peruvian drug smuggler.
8. Word used to describe an epic fail.
9. A Slut Puppy!
10. But most likely, a gorgeous girl who is very sweet and funny.
1. Holy crap that Yajaira just kicked my ass!!
2. Look at that chick trying to be a G, haha she must be a Yajaira.
3. Oh my god what is Yajaira doing?!?!
4. Guy1: what the hell is wrong with my fish?! Guy2: poor thing must, be a Yajaira.
6. What the **** is even going on?!?
7. Border Patrol: Code red we just picked up a drug smuggler trying to cross the border, wow she MUST be a Yajaira.
9. ????????
10. Yajaira B is the coolest, but I hope she doesn’t kill me for this :)
by realeditor April 10, 2009
mexican person who does not masturbate though they do not have moral objetion to it.
yajaira: i dont wanna bate, but no reason.
by denis from omegle May 22, 2010

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