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Another spelling for Yaphet Kotto, an American actor, who starred in the NBC television series: Homicide: Life on the Street.

Also a common verb in Ethiopia

Generally a smart, caring,charming slightly sarcastic guy who has a sexy sexy girlfriend

An incredibly sexy male that encourages many female wet dreams.

An ancient creature said to dazzle any woman who looks into his eyes. extremly attractive, egotistical, and friendly

Ass-hole tendencies are sporatic, but infrequent.

An ethiopian badass!

Yaffet is so smart and sexy and holy crap just look at his girlfriend

Oh my god i just had another wet dream about yaffet!

Look at that ethiopian badass, what a yaffet!

My boyfriend is so yaffet!
That guy just made me yaffet on the spot!

by realeditor March 16, 2009
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