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Yadadaentiendes was made famous by East Bay rapper Lil.Coner. It is the word Yadadamean, but in a Bay-Latin form. Entiendes meaning "understand me" in Spanish. South Bay rapper Trajik1 also uses the term quite frequently, but gives all credit to Lil.Coner
I only got one gram yadadaentiendes, else I would hook you up
#yadadamean #yamean #know what im sayin #yaunderstand #yadidimean
by James Cortez November 25, 2006
A way of sayin yadadameanin spanish
yadadaentiendes my nigga!!!!!!!!! Yeeee!!!!!!!!!!
#yadada #thiz #hyphy #yadadanean #thizz face
by Lazyassdude December 18, 2006
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