The official (often forgotten name) of the Green Bay's pro Football team. They often talk shit about others team because they are mad that no more player with talent would ever want to play there after NFL great Brett Favre was forced out. They often, from reports, moon away teams with great cheer until a very bold and outspoken player (ex. Randy Moss) decides to give them a taste of their own medicine.
Those Yackers can celebrates about how many titles they have, but they crybabies and often forget that they were not at the original NFL meeting or the NFL-AFL Merger.

Stop taking credit for shit you didn't do Yackers.

My son will never be a Yacker.

I be damn if anyone in my family marry a Yacker or move to Yacker Bay.
by Spyda Jones December 22, 2011
Top Definition
Yorkshire farmer types.
"Hey up you git Yacker, still putting their back legs in your wellies?" or "Fooking tractor driving Yackers"
by TykeBastard December 09, 2009
A word that is used in a sentance, of which consists of 'nonsense' or the person has 'gabbled' on about something. It is used by the speaker to tell them self to 'shut up,' to say to them self ' I talk a load of crap and I should just shut it.'

Can be used as an insult reguarding a persons way of speaking, eg. 'You yaker a lot.'
'So i was like OMG and she was like OMG and then I was like OMG, and she was so OMG!.' John joked, their was an aquward silence, 'Yacker,' John said.
by JoeyDaDictionary January 15, 2013
A person who throws up on other people or a person who wont stop talking.
He yacked on seven people at the club.
He won't stop yacking about his job.
by Nubia July 25, 2003
A yahoo hacker. Yackers are typically yahoo script kiddies or booters that think of themselves as hackers.
"I'm so 1337 i am the uber yacker", or "You clearly have no yacking skillz."
by cocktumor August 20, 2005
The male reproductive system, a penis, your meat and two veg
Are you done yet in there beatin' your yacker.
by Dylan5630 March 31, 2007
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