A AOL idiot. Likes the word Nigger.S
person1: rofl
person2: queer
by anonymous April 18, 2005
Top Definition
A parody of YOLO, meaning: you only live twice. Or it can also mean, young overachieving lesbian teenagers.
Hey man, should i smoke this?
True, true.
by funnyman21224 June 27, 2012
you. only. live. twice (jesus)
person- YOLO
jesus- YOLT
person- what
jesus- you only live twice now that's the word of god
by anvckjanbedvaqiobedlrw April 24, 2012
YOLT means you only live twice; for those of you who believe in Jesus Christ, you live twice.
"YOLO man, YOLO. No dude, Y.O.L.T., 'cause Jesus is my homeboy."
by efishies15 July 28, 2012
You Only Live Twice, Sean Connery's penultimate James Bond performance, was the only occasion where James was made into a Japanese man. Hence, we have the expression!
"YOLO, AmIRite?"
"No, You're wrong. YOLT. You'd know this, if you spent half as much time BONDing as I did."
by BungaFiyah October 22, 2012
Acronym for You Only Live Twice, the name of a James Bond novel and movie. Perfect for annoying your YOLO friends.
Nancy: "You Only Live Twice or so it seems,
One life for yourself and one for your dreams."
YOLO Girl: The fuck?
Sean Connery: YOLT, bitch. The day is mine!
by jdrager June 14, 2012
The zombie version of "YOLO" because Zombies only live twice
"Why didn't you eat that guys brains?"
by Damn Hipsters 123092342 September 06, 2012
You Only Live Twice, a motto used by people with a religion referring to the afterlife. These people are then bashed by atheist Drake fanboys/fangirls who scream YOLO, although Drake is a Jew himself.
You only live twice, thats the motto nigga YOLT.
by KiiF May 22, 2012
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