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You Only Live Twice, Sean Connery's penultimate James Bond performance, was the only occasion where James was made into a Japanese man. Hence, we have the expression!
"YOLO, AmIRite?"
"No, You're wrong. YOLT. You'd know this, if you spent half as much time BONDing as I did."
by BungaFiyah October 22, 2012
The sore loser-ness of the city of Vancouver, exemplified following their pitiful 4-0 effort against the Boston Bruins on June 15, 2011.
"Our city just got disgraced by the underdog" "Yeah, how aboot we F up our city streets!"

(Boston onlookers) "They sure are some sore 'vanc-osers"
by BungaFiyah June 16, 2011
(pronounced nap-skee)

A nap is not quite sleeping, just as a napsky is not quite a nap.

Napsky=shorter than a nap, which is shorter than a night's rest.
Go, dude, it's green!" "Sorry, I saw the red light and decided to take a napsky
by BungaFiyah May 06, 2011
In Tom We Trust which was modified some hundreds of years past to "In God We Trust". Origins, of course, from Sir Thomas Brady.

See also: The Grace of Tom (by the grace of Tom...)
Smithers: "Tomorrow's Sunday, yo."
Jenkins: "In Tom We Trust."
Jackson: "Amen, we'll win if our Lord and Savior, Tom has anything to do with it."
by BungaFiyah October 22, 2012
People so grimy that it's criminal.
A combination of the words "grime" and "criminals".

Synonymous with "Grime-bot"
"Snookie and the fellow cast of Jersey Shore are soooo grimy! -Even when compared to the rest of New Jersey."

"Yeah, Snookie and dem are straight grime-inals."
by bungafiyah November 26, 2011
Being grimy in such a natural way, it's robotic grimy-ness.

Synonymous with "grime-inals"
"I was walking down the street and saw some people looking grimy on the street corner, loitering outside 7/11."

"That's because they're grime-bots, and they're in their natural element."
by bungafiyah November 26, 2011
To attack someone, usually in a frat-style. A group bear hug that is not condoned by the hugged party. Also a group-beating in a friendly fashion (e.g. mercilous smack-down with pillows).

Origins of giving someone a count as to when the attack will commence ("We're giving you to three! Unos-Dos-Tres!")
Alex: "Let's DosTres the new kids."
Adam: "DosTres'ing them is a fantasic bloody idea."
Nick: (grunt like caveman).
by BungaFiyah October 22, 2012

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