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You Only Cute Online
When you see a picture of someone on a social network and you find them really attractive then when you actually meet them....they don't look cute at all!

Yoco nigga!
by OutNAbout June 02, 2012
14 6
You're Only Cute Online

Following the YOLO craze comes YOCO, "You're only cute online".

We all know the uggos that edit the shit out of their photos and miraculously look hot.

*Extremely edited Facebook photo*

Comment: "YOCO"

*Extreme close-up of face as profile picture*

Comment: "YOCO"
by TFrame April 26, 2012
29 4
You Only College Once
Syllabus week. #YOCO
by righton1235 December 08, 2013
7 2
York County, Pennsylvania.... Nothing ever happens here, everyone is pretty chill and smokes weed and 95% of the female population is composed of sluts, skanks, whores, etc. Pretty boring but ya'll know the 717 is what's good
Dude #1: Hey bro, where you from?
Dude #2: Yoco bro!
Dude #1: Where?
Dude #2: York County, Pa! The girls are easy and all we do is chill'n'smoke
by Yocofosho717 January 07, 2011
34 30