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An act of retribution or last resort that is unwarranted or overly severe in its consequences.
She de-friending him on Facebook was the nuclear option; it was unnecessary and embarassed him in front of his friends.
by outnabout April 21, 2010
Own Personal Faggot.
A gay male/female who considers himself/herself dedicated to you, like a manservant with a crush on you. There may be but often is not a sexual context to it. Often it's because you're the one to whom he/she came out first, but there can be other reasons. This is a very caring, kind and maybe even loving person if you're lucky, and he/she may be vulnerable, too. Don't abuse the privilege.
It's my OPF's birthday! I'm gonna buy him a nice bottle of wine and some roses.

I love my OPF! He's always there to bail my ass out of jail after (fill in the blank).

I'm in between girlfriends so my OPF is filling in for a few days. He's good-looking, rich, and sucks like a Hoover, glad he still wants me. Life's damn good!
by outnabout April 14, 2010
You Only Cute Online
When you see a picture of someone on a social network and you find them really attractive then when you actually meet them....they don't look cute at all!

Yoco nigga!
by OutNAbout June 02, 2012
Sexual intercourse.

From "Johnny Be Good" (1988), in a line from Coach Sanders, played by veteran character actor Steve James (deceased).
Coach Sanders: "You boys wanna get some honey on your stinger tonight? Well, you're not gonna unless you get out there and kick some butt! Now let's go!"

Football Players (growling): "Hooh, hooh, hooh, yeah!"
by outnabout April 15, 2010

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