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Y= Your
M= Mom
C= Calls
M= My
B= Balls
Bro 1: Hey bro, YMCMB!
Bro 2: :(
by slyroxas June 30, 2012
Y: You
M: Mad

C: Cuz
M: Montana
B: Better

Up with Montana!
1. Man the Cats got killed by the Griz. The Cats must be YMCMB
by BHWRE March 27, 2013
Young Money Cash Money Business
Made famous by Bryan Williams aka Birdman aka Stunnaman aka Baby it is the combination of Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records
I be rollin wit da YMCMB beliedat
by DTfamous June 18, 2011
Young Money Cash Money Bitch
Rappers from Young Money and Cash Money are so rich, bitch!
Young Money Cash Money Bitch ( YMCMB )
by bgdicher April 05, 2011