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Acronym for Yay Look At Me!
If you want to get people's attention you say YLAM
by manual December 29, 2006
Yay Look At Me!

A YLAMer is one who love to call attention to themselves in anyway.

A YLAMer is one that is no holds barred when it comes to self promotion and will do anything goofy, raunchy and outright silly to gain attention.

Many of these folks congregate at an internet forum

They decided to relocate to this site after another web forum banned several of it's most regular members. The founding member of the YLAM forum is TornApart. The king of all attention whores and Administrator of the YLAM forum.

In just about 2 weeks the forum had about 100 members, all of them had migrated to the site from a forum called Answerology.

Hey look, I hit 100 posts today, YLAM!

God Damn am I good looking, YLAM!

I feel like an attention whore today, YLAM!

Hey, take a look at my new AVATAR! Isn't it cool?! YLAM
by YLAM March 27, 2007

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