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A website where you can ask questions and get answers from several different perspectives. You then score member's answers from -2 to +2. You can give a blue star award for an answer that solves your issue or you can give a jerk award to a troll.

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This site reaches approximately 86,304 U.S. monthly people. The site appeals to a fairly wealthy, slightly more female than male, 35-49 group. It is the 15,663 most popular US website.
I didn't know what to do for Valentine's Day so I asked for help on Answerology and they gave me some good ideas.
by workplay August 11, 2009
the place that solves my problems!

A website where you ask questions and get answers from anonymous folks.
When I am bored, which is often, I go to the answerology website and fuck around.

It's quite inspirational.
by sharonpeterz March 22, 2008
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