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YFF = You Fucking Fuck. Originated from AWOT.
"See ya later YFF's"
by Xel_AWOT August 04, 2006
YFF - Yellow Friend Fever. Where someone of not an asian decent desires and loves to be around their asian homies.
"Aye bro, I'm black, but you know I gotta be kickin it with them asians. I got that YFF."

-Phone Conversation-
"I'm hanging out with Ping, Xia-Hui, Sam Tsao, and Tracey Wong and some other asians right now. You tryina come through?"
"You know I'm there if there are asians. YFF, man. "
by T Wayne August 27, 2009
See yiff. Although yff is often seen as a typo for "yiff", the occurence of the "yff" spelling is so common that it is feasable to think of both of these spellings as correct. If using this word primarily in it's otomatopoeia form, it seems that "yff" is more commonly used, but when using this word as a subject or part of a sentance, "yiff" seems to be more proper.
yff yff yff yff yff yff yff yff
by MBorel July 18, 2003
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