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It stands for (you dumb fuck)
Peter- today I fell of my motorcycle and broke three ribs. Monica-YDF( you dumb fuck)
by Moni 13 January 12, 2010
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Yellow Daisy Flowers, a groovy clan is full of power power.
by ZiGGie July 14, 2003
A clan based on friendship and respect. Owns the majority of all clans and can take a shit while stadning up! < ownage
YDF owns you!!!!
by m00p00 July 08, 2003
A Group of People assembled together to show the power of teamwork, fun, religion, language, Dicktatorship and the overall strength and hard workingness of Koreans who jack dvd players and abuse admin (note i am talking about AD :D )

P.s. This is MORE than a Cs Clan we are a family!

p.p.s begin the song "We are a Family!"


p.p.p.s i am not korean

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