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Is the abreviation for; Young British Naturists.

A youth sub group of the Naturist organisation British Naturism (BN), that facilitates social nakedity for young persons in and around the UK.

A group of young people, that meet up all through-out the year, at all sorts of fun places, to actively enjoy being socially nude together, and practicing Naturism.
Welcome to anyone worldwide with-in the age range set by the parent organisation BN. 

Most countries in Europe, and alot in the World have Naturist groups/organisations.  General youth Naturism is advised and guideled by the ENY (European Naturist Youth) organisation, under the supervision of the INF (International Naturist Federation).
I want to enjoy social nakedity and join YBN.

I want to be a naturist like a YBN'er.

Look at those YBN'ers doing everything naked.
by Daryl YBN December 17, 2011