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Yet another relationship thread. A thread to spill your woes of your loved one.
I'm really stuck right now... Me and my ex broke up in July but still lived together and had sex, were in love, etc. YART...
by mphtmnslt November 26, 2010
a Betchel era word used to express disapproval of.
Frank: no , I cant hang out tonight, Lauren is coming over.
Me: yart
by wallpaperkilla August 17, 2009
1) use this word after someone says something completely lame
2) use this word to fill in the dead, silent moments

note: one can hold the "aaaarrrr" out longer to make meaning more intense
Janelle: ...and then i, like, totally, got my dog drunk! it was like, so funny! and then, when he came home..
You: Yart.
by Muncie What? March 05, 2004
A combination of the phrase “young fart”, this word is used to describe someone who acts and thinks they are old when they are still young.
When you pass a young person driving below the posted speed limit in the left hand lane you could yell, “Get out of the way you f$#@ing yart.”
by yartman November 07, 2010
A mixture of the words "yawn" and "fart"...when you yawn and a wierd noise accidentaly comes out of the back of your throat.
Him: Hey, what was that wierd noise?
Her: Sorry, I just yarted.
by Jessic! December 13, 2004
(n) cont: Yard Art
1. Any of a variety of suburban yard art, often holiday themed. Includes colorful, eye-catching, manufactured inflatables, plywood cut-outs, and other types of kitschy country art.

2. Usually viewed as either fun, whimsical and imaginative, or cheaply made gawdy eyesores.
The neighbors put out all of their yart. They have the inflatable Santa Claus, the plywood cut outs of Santa Claus, sleigh, and reindeer, and the snowman the kids made last year.
by KANDV December 05, 2010
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