yam:in the northeastern u.s.-derogatory term to describe inner city blacks-mostly used by older white men(old school)
son of bitch!!!those yams stole my fucking hub caps again!!!
by zara316 March 19, 2009
The fat that hangs over a girls leg while wearing jean shorts. Almost like a Muffin Top on their legs.
Dude, Did you see the YAMS Mary had at the park?
by Didiano November 03, 2011
A long sagging yam-like breast that is potato like in shape and hangs low. Most often seen on National Geographic, but is seen often in every night club.
"Did you see Sophie's swinging prize yams? Someone get her a contract with National Geographic or a bra!"
by YammyClams November 14, 2009
An abbreviation for "Your Mam."
"Yam makes a really good Beef Curry."

"You Stink!"
"Yam Stinks!"
by atticusflynn June 19, 2008
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