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"You are fucking awesome. But, you don't want to admit it. You go through shit day in and day out, and you live. You, are alive. This world cannot beat you. It cannot destroy you. There is no shame in defeat as long as the spirit is not conquered. So don't fucking give up. You are a good, decent person, who is in hard times. You deserve somebody. You deserve a hug. You deserve a kiss at night. You deserve a friend. Don't you ever fucking think differently.




Start fucking acting like it."

Originating from a 4chan post that has become a demotivational poster that says "Motivation - /b/ your doin it right..... for once"
"Thank you for the advice, yafa."

"You are fucking awesome, start acting like it!"
by squirrls May 11, 2010
You Always Frat Always. A saying used by a frat star when questioned about a frat activity (drinking, pounding a slampiece, etc) that they're doing at an unusual time or inappropriate time. The person question the frat start is usually a G.D.I. , an annoying girlfriend or another form of undesirables.
Steve- " Dave, you can't start drink now, this is the middle of my grandfather's funeral"

Dave- "Y.A.F.A."

Karen- "Tim why are you fucking that slut on our wedding day"
Tim- "Y.A.F.A."

Greg's Boss- Greg are you drunk while on the clock"

Greg- "Y.A.F.A."
by FratDevil212 December 30, 2013
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