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The stage name of Kim Minseok, he's part of a 12 member South Korean/Chinese boy group called EXO and his power is frost and his badge is a snowflake. He was born on March 26th 1990 making him a 23 year old man with the face of a squishy 5 year old boy. His most well-known nickname give by a co-member luhan, is "Baozi" which means 'little bun/meat bun' in Chinese mainly because he has cute chubby cheeks.
Xiumin is Korean but he is the Chinese sub-unit of EXO (EXO-M) along with another fellow Korean member, Chen. In EXO-M, he is the neatest, strongest, funniest and cleanest member according to interviews. He looks quite a lot like Ahn Sohee from the Wonder Girls.

Xiumin's also known for being able to get really high notes, as seen from his battle with vocalists Chen and Baekhyun, however SM Entertainment still won't let him have many lines in their songs.
Person 1: Who's your bias in exo?

Person 2: Ah, Baozi, of course! Xiumin is my favorite~!
by AdventureTiem101 December 29, 2013
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