A shitty kind of copier that, if it is not broken, makes bad, out of alignment, and Black and White copies.
{IN SCHOOL} Sorry guys, but the.... the.... oh yeah paper coping thing broke.... again, so there is no homework because i couldnt make ilegal copies of out of the book papers.
by DA GUY April 15, 2004
Top Definition
Verb: to copy someone's else style, ideas, or possessions...
Can be used:
1. As a noun- Xeroxer
2. In present tense- xerox
3. In past tense- xeroxed
4. In present continuous tense- xeroxing
1. Man, that boy Derrick is a major Xeroxer.
2. Don't xerox my ish.
3. He totally xeroxed my body wash.
4. You can't just keep xeroxing people's style. Be yourself.
by MR.GabE February 27, 2008
Something that makes a picture of your ass.
Oh look, Basel just Xeroxed me a picture of his big white ass. How nice.
by abra1294 October 30, 2007
The word "xerox" is commonly used as a synonym for "photocopy" (both as a noun and a verb) i.e. to make a copy with a Xerox photocopy machine.

Xerox was founded in 1906 as the Haloid Company, changed their name in 1958 to Xerox and came to prominence in 1959 with the introduction of the first plain paper photocopier using the process of xerography developed by Chester Carlson.

The novelty and popularity of the Xerox photocopiers made them a household name in the USA for decades after.

While the "xerox" word is commonly used as a synonym for "photocopy", the company Xerox is concerned about the ongoing use of it, because it put the brand name in danger of being declared a generic word by the courts.
From Kojak: Season 1 - Episode 8 "Dark Sunday" (1973).

Kojak: The map you gave me, I had it xeroxed and gave the original to Valano to put into Arties room.
by Jan Van Dersen May 19, 2009
A person that is a copying machine. This person is to unoriginal to come up with his own lines so he copies others.
Oh my god he just xeroxed aaron schrum. That's a copy of a copy.
by Greg Eveland April 28, 2003
A reminder that you are old.
Madge: "Will you xerox this page for me"
Tiffany: "No, but I will make a copy for you because you remind me of my grandmother"
by uncle betty October 22, 2010
A copycat or clone, a follower, someone who copies other people,
That girl is such a xerox. She does whatever I do.
by Diana N. April 02, 2008
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