an alien with two mouths,big-ass head,acid for blood,and a sharp tail
xenomorph aliens need two dicks to do a blowjob cuz they have two mouths (duh)
by Classified Info June 28, 2011
A creature whose larvae attatch to your face and inject themselves in your digestive tract, where they mature into adults and burrow out of you, killing you in the process.
Nobody would want to have a Xenomorph on their planet, given the way they wiped out the colonists and the Marines in the first Aliens movie.
by AYB October 17, 2003
n. The alien species from the movie alien. Word is a combination of 'Xeno' meaning "To cause the extinction of another species." and 'Morph' "Form of life."
The scientists were to be killed as they witnessed a Xenomorph sighting.
by Amy June 22, 2004

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