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Something that is funny and spooky at the same time.
"I saw a ghost fall down the stairs today, it was so spoopy."
by 2spoopy October 26, 2012
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Is scary looking
That cat is spoopy
by nightgear45 February 15, 2015
When you're super stoned and something spooks you, it's no longer spooky, but spoopy.
"Hey dude did you see that guy that was behind me?"
"Yeah why?"
"When I looked again he was gone..."
"That's spoopy!!!!"
by moosiefacer December 07, 2013
The alien face creature in the X Files season one episode 9.
"wow the astronaut's face turned into spoopy! cool!"
"wow i hope spoopy doesn't come out of my ceiling tonight!"
by spoopymoulder July 07, 2013
Adj. Getting poop on you when spooning with someone who does not know how to wipe.
I would cuddle, but the last time I did I got spoopy.

by James Bob December 25, 2005
Blend of soupy and poopy. Very liquid poop. Kind of like a shart only more substantial.
I ate at Taco Bell and I've been spoopy all day.
by Maya Buttreeks September 07, 2013

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