what happens when you tell a multibillionare that he doesnt know how to have a good time.
Man1:bill gates is no fun

bill gates:no im not; look at this
(shows Man1 xbox)

Man1:ok your cool
by karanandos meneski July 20, 2005
said to be the best console in the world because of the games that are totaly awesome example far cry, halo 1&2 and counter strike, but the real question to many gamers is what console is better the XBOX or its rival the PS2 the crowd between the 2 consoles is split and there is endless debates about which one is better but do not be dicoraged to buy a console your not sure about just buy the one you want because there will always be people telling telling you not buy the xbox and buy a ps2 and the other way around but its best not to listen because almost all gamers are big-headed and think there console is the best when in the longview the 2 consoles are quite equal to each other in there own ways
the xbox and ps2 debate goes like this
kid1:the xbox owns
kid2:ps2 is better
kid1:no way
kid2:yes way
so on and so forth
by wonder of the monkeys March 12, 2006
Ok first off all you little pricks who say X-Box is gay probably own a PS2, one of THE WORST consoles for the FPS games. The PS2 can't hold a candle to the grphically superior X-Box. Also you computer whores you don't buy a X-Box to replace a comp. you buy it for the good FPS and the fact that it has a controller not a mouse.
dfljkn kosdgf jls dlkfsjg
by jhouse April 28, 2005
A video game system created by Microsoft. Ill bet Bill Gates has 100 copies of every game and 200 xboxs. Xbox has incredible graphics but it could get better games.
Xbox is pretty good but could be better.
by Scott Cena February 27, 2005
The videogame console for morons which is completely inferior to Sony's Playstation 2 and even 1 as well as Dreamcast and gamecube (while i hate nintendo, Resident Evil 4 does kick ur ass).
"Hi I'm Billy Xbox and I'm a moron!" "Hi I'm Playstation Pete and I say fuck you assgoblin!"
by Merchant August 06, 2005
The best system out there, with the best grapphics, dont belive me here are the specs.

CPU: 733 MHz chip crafted by Intel
Graphics Processor: 250MHz custom chip named XGPU, developed by Microsoft and nVIDIA
Total Memory: The RAM in the Xbox will be supplied by Micron, it will be 64 MB running at 200MHz DDR (Double-Data-Rate)
Memory Bandwidth: 6.4 GB/sec
Polygon Performance: 125 M/sec
Sustained Polygon Performance: 100+ M/sec (transformed and lit polygons per second)
Micropolygons/particles per second: 125 M/sec
Particle Performance: 125 M/sec
Simultaneous Textures: 4
Pixel Fill Rate - No Texture: 4.0 G/Sec (anti-aliased)
Pixel Fill Rate - 1 Texture: 4.0 G/Sec (anti-aliased)
Compressed Textures: Yes (6:1)
Full Scene Anti-Alias: Yes
Micro Polygon Support: Yes
Storage Medium: 2-5x DVD, 10GB hard disk, 8MB memory card
I/0: 2-5x DVD, 10GB hard disk, 8MB memory card
Audio Channels:64 (up to 256 stereo voices)
3D Audio Support: Yes
MIDI DLS2 Support: Yes
AC3 Encoded Game Audio: Yes
Broadband Enabled: Yes
Modem Enabled: No
DVD Movie Playback: Remote control package required
Maximum Resolution: 1920x1080
Maximum Resolution (2x32bpp frame buffers +Z): 1920x1080
HDTV Support: Yes
Controller Ports: 4 USB Ports


CPU: 128 Bit "Emotion Engine"
System Clock: 300 MHz
System Memory: 32 MB Direct Rambus
Memory Bus Bandwidth: 3.2 GB per second
Co-Processor: FPU (Floating Point Multiply Accumulator x 1, Floating Point Divider x 1)
Vector Units: VU0 and VU1 (Floating Point Multiply Accumulator x 9, Floating Point Divider x 1)
Floating Point Performance: 6.2 GFLOPS
Compressed Image Decoder: MPEG2


Clock Frequency: 150MHz
DRAM Bus bandwidth: 48 GB Per Second
DRAM Bus width: 2560 bits
Pixel Configuration: RGB:Alpha:Z Buffer (24:8:32)
Maximum Polygon Rate: 75 Million Polygons Per Second
3D CG Geometric Transformation: 66 million Polygons Per Second


Number of voices: ADPCM: 48 channel on SPU2 plus definable by software
Sampling Frequency: 44.1 KHz or 48 KHz (selectable)


CPU Core: Current PlayStation CPU
Clock Frequency: 33.8 MHz or 37.5 MHz (selectable)
Sub Bus: 32 Bit
Interface Types: IEEE1394, Universal Serial Bus (USB)
Communication: via PC-Card PCMCIA
Disc Media: DVD-ROM (CD-ROM compatible)


• Contemporary cube shape
• 4 controller ports
• 2 memory card slots
• Capacity for future modem/broadband connection
• 485MHz custom CPU with 162MHz custom graphics processor
• 40MB total memory; 2.6 GB per second memory bandwidth
• 12M polygons per second; texture read bandwidth 10.4 GB per second
• 64 audio channels
• Dimensions 4.5" x 5.9" x 6.3"

Technical Data

ATI Flipper

• 162 MHz
• 4 pixel pipelines
• 1 texel per pixel pipeline
• 4 texels per clock cycle (4 pixels with 1 texel per pixel)
• Maximum of 8 texture layers per rendering pass (done in 8 clock cycles)
• 650 megapixels per second
• 650 megatexels per second
• Point, Bilinear, Trilinear, Anisotropic Mip-Map Filtering
• Perspective-Correct Texture Mapping
• Bump Mapping
• Environment Mapping
• 24-bit Z Buffer
• S3TC Texture Compression
• Subpixel Anti-Aliasing
• Geometry and Lighting Engine
• 33 million polygons per second (peak)
• 6 million to 12 million polygons per second (with effects)
• Hidden Surface Removal (HSR) based on early Z-test
• Virtual Texture Design
• 2MB Embedded Frame Buffer
• 1MB Embedded Texture Cache
• 10.4 gigabytes per second texture cache read bandwidth
• scene texture data stored in 24MB 1T-SRAM main memory
• 8.6 GFLOPS
• Custom Macronix 16-bit DSP Sound Processor
• 81 MHz
• 64 voices
• ADPCM encoding
• sound data stored in 16MB A-Memory


• PowerPC
• 485 MHz
• 32-bit integer
• 64-bit floating-point
• 64KB L1 cache (32KB instruction + 32KB data)
• 256KB L2 cache
• 1125 Dhrystone 2.1 MIPS
• 1.94 GFLOPS

CPU external bus

• 64 bits wide
• 162 MHz
• 1.3 gigabytes per second bandwidth

Main Memory

• 24 Megabytes MoSys 1T-SRAM
• 64 bits wide
• 325 MHz
• 325 megabits per second per pin
• 2.6 gigabytes per second bandwidth


• 16 Megabytes DRAM
• 8 bits wide
• 81 MHz
• 81 megabits per second per pin
• 81 megabytes per second bandwidth


• 3-inch Optical Disc Technology (1.5 gigabytes)
• memory cards
Doesnt need one, its all self explanitory.
by XboxRules August 08, 2005

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