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A wanna-be badass who hides his pussified-self behind his console, untimately aquiring super powers from their xbox, which allows them to kick anyones ass, any where and any time. But in reality would run, tail between his legs to his mommy if he ever met any of the people that he mouths off to.
Sound the alarm, we have ourselve an xbox toughguy!! Hey there Devin97 put your mommy on the mic so i can tell her to send you to bed with no dinner and beat your little ass till it bleeds.
#xbox #360 #teen #punkass #dickhead #pussy #shithead #toughguy
by GiJerry78 August 18, 2007
Anyone who talks shit on an xbox live game who is most likey a skinny punkass who would shit themselves when they met you in REAL life.
I wish i still had a corded telephone because id hunt that xbox toughguy and strangle his sorry ass.
#xbox #360 #teen #punkass #dickhead #pussy #shithead
by GiJerry78 August 17, 2007
Male, usually at the age of thirteen to sixteen. Always talking shit during and after games but if met in REAL life would fold up like a little bitch.
Fuck me? Listen you little xboxtoughguy I know where you live and i know where you sleep, so when you wake up with a crap mallet jammed in your asshole guess who came visiting.
#xbox #pussy #teen #toughguy #prick #douchebag #cunt
by GiJerry78 August 07, 2007
To perform falacio on a male. Commonly used by people who live in Dundalk,MD
I had this chick from Turner Station eat my root the other day and I wound up with herpes.
#head #blow job #bj #dundalk #md #baltimore #sluts
by GiJerry78 August 06, 2007
While living in the ghetto you cannot afford good dsl or cable speed so you resort to hooking up a sort of hamster wheel where ghetto rats constantly run on (high on crack of course), to power your internet.
I know that homie from Cherry Hill must of had ghettospeed internet, because his black ass was lagging like a mutha fukka on NBA 2k7.
#ghetto #internet #dsl #cable #crack
by GiJerry78 August 06, 2007
Any female player who plays Xbox to get attention or impress young naive gamers. Usually no-guygetting females who use the console as a way to make themselves feel good about their shitty no cock getting lives.
Hey did you hear that girl Legion666 she's such a xboxhoor trying to pick up those twelve year olds.
#xbox #whores #hoors #360 #gamers #bitches #tramps
by GiJerry78 August 06, 2007
A female gamer who's only business in gaming is getting attention, usually from younger gamers.
Wow I cant believe Legion666 is such an xboxhoor, I mean hitting on twelve year old boys? She must really be a swampmoose.
#xbox #whores #hoors #360 #gamers #bitches #tramps
by GiJerry78 August 07, 2007
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