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The best god damn video gme sytem in the wolrd it rolls playstation and nintendo XBOX is the Gitane of the video game world
if u dont unplug ya ps2 im gunna get me XBox and crush ya ps2
by GITANE June 07, 2005
Xbox is a console designed by msoft to dominate ps2 and nintendo. Now, we have the xbox 360 and the zune and windows vista. Msoft is truly the new world leader.
I Love my xbox because it can play halo....
by Joe_C December 12, 2006
1.kick ass council (graphics, sound, games)

2. made fun of by ps2 owners because they are jeliouse of thosse who have it be cause they made the right choice
x box kicks ps2 in the nuts
by PS2 BLOWS January 14, 2006
What Nintendo fanboys hate the most, becuase they can't talk about the Playstation 2 because that is whooping its ass.
I hate teh SeXbox!!!11
by Schuyler January 17, 2005
The greatest system ever created. It is the most unique in the way you can save music to it. But when it all comes down to systems it is a personal prefrence.
by Andy Turner May 02, 2003
On November 15th 2001, Microsoft officially launched it’s Xbox console at an event in New York Times Square's Toys "R" Us. Over 18 games were launched with the console, but the main game to drive sales was a game called Halo. Microsoft reported over 1.5 million units sold from time of launch till the end of 2001. They also reported an average of 3 games sold with each unit. The Xbox is one of the top systems out today. Microsoft Has annouced the xbox 360 as the next xbox.
Hey jimmy why did you buy a gaystation and a gay cube? You should have got an XBOX.
by Ghost Toon July 26, 2005
what happens when you tell a multibillionare that he doesnt know how to have a good time.
Man1:bill gates is no fun

bill gates:no im not; look at this
(shows Man1 xbox)

Man1:ok your cool
by karanandos meneski July 20, 2005