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Xbox Ahoy! or Xbox Ahoy (Real Name:Stuart Brown) Is a very popular youtuber and gamer from UK. Who post tactics, tips and guides for video games(specially Xbox 360 games).

Also Known by: (1)astonishing video production,(2)weapons guides for Call of Duty 6 & 7,(3)excellent catch phrases and an (4)attractive voice.
(1) Boy 1: Man are you watchin' this?

Boy 2: Yeah Xbox Ahoy! makes some amazing vids...

(2) Boy 2: You should totally see this M72 LAW weapon guide for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Boy 3: I think that weapon is from Black Ops...

Boy 2: Oh golly I fell so stupid!

(3) Boy 3: Dude when comes the catch phase?

Boy 2: Wait for it...wait for it...

Xbox Ahoy video:...then it might just be time...to lay down´╗┐ the LAW...

Boy 2&3: WOW, EPIC!

(4) Girl 1: Xbox Ahoy voice is so sexy, I want to met him in person and show him my gameplay!

Boy 1: Oh golly I wish I had Xbox Ahoy voice!
by Frenchief February 14, 2011

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