a woman that used to be a man; an "ex-man".
i was very suprised when i found out she was an xman
by joseph smith January 12, 2005
'a close friend who tries to date your ex-girlfriend right after you've broken up'
Susan dates Bob. Bob is friends with Paul. Susan and Bob stop dating. Susan starts dating Paul. Susan, Bob and Paul all work together.
by That guy December 15, 2003
Someone who is the nicest, sweetest person ever. He's sometimes a softy which is a good thing, because it makes the ladies very attracted to him ;) He's got a cute smile and always knows what to say to give a girl butterflies.
Xman loves red wet panties.
by Xmer April 19, 2005
a guy especially an ex boyfriend that does not have his shit together and has no direction, immature guy in his 30's, a jobless 30 something male
i don't talk to that dude he is part of the x-men crew
by junkie45 July 07, 2011
A group of mutant superheroes who are all gathered in a "school" (doubling as their headquarters). They fight bad mutants, bad humans, and retards that think they suck on peoples' anal cavities.
"The X-Men are about to kick your ass."
by Zak May 06, 2003
When 2 bros sit side-by-side facing forward (sometimes in a moving vehicle), and use the arm closest to one another to reach over and give the other a hand-job. As this happens simultaneously, their arms cross each other, forming an "X," hence the term X-Men.
Dave and Josh were totally just caught playing X-Men in the front seat of my dad's car...
by T-Vo14 October 02, 2009
A bunch of overly muscular mutants who can't have sex because they might kill each other by means of explosion/touching/stabbing/electrifying/freezing/burning etc.
"How do the X-Men have sex? It fucking suck to be them!"
by bluesonic115 September 21, 2009

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