A member of Northwestern's most a cappella group.
Did you see the X-Factors the other night? I nearly wet myself with glee.
by xfactors April 02, 2006
Short-lived Marvel comic staring the original X-Men (Cyclops, Angel, Beast, Iceman, Marvel Girl) disguised as mutant hunters. Just another of the endless X-books.
Hey! Another X-title! I better add it to my pull along with X-Men, Classic X-men, X-Force..."
by Sigar Cel November 25, 2003
A finisher used by a wrestler named X-Pac.

X-Pac used the X-Factor to get the pin, but Big Show got up and sat on him, so he turned into a pancake and died.
by ArchDevil November 03, 2003
A certain unknown quality that is missing from all entrants in talent shows, Any 16 year old wannabe who has her tits out on karaoki and trills up and down the harmonic scales under the sad delusion she is Beyonce, but in reality has no "X-Factor or indeed friends or relatives who can tell her she sucks!!
If you have to enter competitions to find the X-Factor, you aint got it.
by tangocat November 23, 2009
A shit music talent seeking series that in the end, the losers are the real winners. known for manufacturing JLS, one direction and loads more retarded acts i don't wanna name cuz i'll get sick if i do.
Simon Cowell should just shut down X factor for life, cuz it's ruining the music industry with all their talentless excuses for artists
by weirdyrandommetal1977 April 08, 2015
Someone, who at first struggles though the fans love him but ends up being the savior of the program because of hard work and determination.
One kid that did cross country for Newtown high. He got 54 out of 54 in his first race and then kids started calling him X-Factor because they knew he was saving it all for his last race when he saved Newtown High and finished first.
by TLT (X-Factor) September 20, 2006
The term 'X Factor' refers to an element of 21st century marketing techniques which seeks to capitalize on the sleek, hip, inherent ultra-coolness of young people . . . somehow. No one is quite sure what X Factor really is. If you don't care about it, you've got it. If you want it, you don't have it.
Not to be confused with 'pizazz', which refers to an element of 20th century marketing techniques which sought to capitalize on the hip, fun-loving nature of young people . . . somehow.
Dick: "Your book is great, Tom, but it could use some more X Factor."
Tom: "What's that?"
Dick: "You don't know?"
Tom: "No."
Dick: "Well...that's why you need more of it!"
by teknoarcanist November 23, 2010
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