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7 definitions by Bigsharn

Is a fix. the winners are chosen before the series starts and they intentionally let some shite ones through to the 4th round so we can all laugh at them on telly.

And no, I've never applied for it.
X factor, Horse Racing, Duct tape

all are fixes, except duct tape, that's a fixer...
by Bigsharn December 10, 2007
A variation of the name of the new Micro$oft OS: Vista
It is:

1) A representation of how truly annoying and frustrating Windows Vista really is
2) The stream of swearing that comes from someone when Vista crashes
Person one - So... you got a new PC... what are the specs?
Person two - 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard disk Windows Vista
Person one - Noooooooooo! NOT VISTAAARGH!

Person one - I tried playing Solitaire on my laptop again
Person two - Wait you're running Vista, right?
Person one - Yep:)
Person two - Bet it crashed, didn't it?
Person one - Yep:(
by Bigsharn January 27, 2008
when you put something not nice (usually some dog sharn) in a sock and slap someone with the same sock
-Did you hear about Dutton?
-Na, what happened?
-Tom pulled a fatkari on him
by bigsharn November 07, 2007
Trying (unsuccessfully) to type while you're drunk, characteristics of drunkenfingers are:

-you push multiple keys at once
-you mis-spell at least twice in a sentence
-you make typos because you think you know where the keys are
or the most obvious sign:
you're on webcam with half a bottle of Smirnoff visible on screen
Alex- Hey, Jimbo, how are you?
Jimbo- I;m fiiine fankoo, hoe aboooout uu?
Alex- Get off the computer mate, you have drunkenfingers
by Bigsharn February 01, 2008
That extremely annoying thing that your gran does when she grabs your cheek and shakes it and says you're cute etc...

Also a version where smeone holds your mouth open, spurts in it and does the same action with both cheeks
Gran- Oh James, you've grown so much
James- ok Gran, just don't wuggie me
*Fred turns up to class with a huge red mark on his cheek*
Rich- dude, you and your girl have a fight?
Fred- na, I just went to a party, passed out and got wuggied
Rich- OWNED!
Teacher- Rich, Detention
Rich- shit:(
by Bigsharn February 25, 2008
Anything that doesn't last forever lasts for infinoty
Youth, Loved ones, Pizza

all aspects of Infinoty
by Bigsharn September 19, 2007
HTMHell is when an amazing amount of people are talking in forums and mimic HTML tags to get their point across.
Dude 1-You're so good at PKing </sarcasm>
Dude 2-Stop ganging up on me!</cries>
Dude 3-I'll pay you later </whisper>
Dude 4-AARGH! It's HTMHell!!!
by Bigsharn March 04, 2008