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wimp plus wuss equal wump
Jeff is a wump that goes to bed at 7:30pm
by A March 28, 2004
20 17
Not quite a wuss, not quite a wimp, but somewhere in the middle.
Human #1: Ahhh, a Wasp!

Human #2: You wump.
by Jam-rag August 19, 2011
50 11
When you go for a dump and end up having a wank aswell
Oh my god i went for a dump but ended up having a wump.
by djamo September 13, 2009
25 11
The act of humping someone with clothes on (as in dry humping) but becoming wet because of it.
"Why are Scotts pants all wet?"
"Because he and Gina were wumping hardcore."
by Meghansworld August 18, 2007
40 31
A small fiery explosion that makes a "wump" noise.
if you throw a small bottle of gas on the fire it will "wump". "Hey guys, lets go make a wump!"
by DANGLYPARTS95 October 02, 2011
7 5
To throw something at someone with immense amounts of force with no reason other than to be an ass hole.
Wump: "Dude!! Ben totally just wumped me in the face with a dead kitten!!"
by Bigdaddy James January 24, 2009
15 13
Verb. Noun.
The act of falling forward awkwardly with arms stretched forward, and landing with an "oomph!" sound, kind of a thud combined with a swoosh. Afterwards you just lay there.
One day, I tripped over a box, and wumped on my bed....
I wumped on my best friend
by pinacolorado May 24, 2014
1 0