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A fashion accessory used by hipsters in an attempt to prove that they're into more "alternative" hip-hop.

Cause De La and Tribe just ain't cool enough.
Human #1: Dude, Tyler The Creator is sick!

Human #2: Come on, Wu-Tang have been doing that for years

Human #1: Who?

Human #2: ....
by Jam-rag July 11, 2011
-(fin-dee) Meaning: Faux-indie

Films that desperately try to emulate independent cinema despite having no actual "indie" merit.

e.g. Juno, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
Human #1: Hey, did you see Funny Ha Ha last night?

Human #2: No I was watching Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, have you seen that?

Human #1: Yeah, unfortunately.

Human #2: It's so quirky and cool.

Human #1: Findy shit...
by Jam-rag July 10, 2011
Not quite a wuss, not quite a wimp, but somewhere in the middle.
Human #1: Ahhh, a Wasp!

Human #2: You wump.
by Jam-rag August 19, 2011

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