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A woodland dwelling leg humping creature. Typically will relinquish leg fornication if fed a cracker or a wad of sour dough bread. The Wuen has no preference to leg gender, and will not differentiate between species. The Wuen will often confuse a small tree moving in the wind as a leg to violate.
Person 1: I'm afraid to walk through the forest alone for fear of The Wuen.

Person 2: I understand your concern. If you must traverse through the wooded regions be sure to carry a satchel of crackers. Sour dough bread works as well, but only in small pieces.

Person 1: Will wearing leather enforced pant legs prevent this violation?

Person 2: No. The penis of The Wuen is sharp and needle like. It has the ability to penetrate even the toughest of leathers.

Person 1: Holly Fucking Shit!
by Frank Jergons November 30, 2009
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