i'm going to stab you
by Robin February 06, 2005
Code for wuba
check out the size of the ass on that wub
by wg February 03, 2003
used to replace swear words suck as fuck and shit
what the wub are you on about?
by superwubman July 05, 2011
Code word for danger
wub, wub, someone with a mullet is near us
by Teh Chris January 02, 2005
To like someone one, but not love them
I wub you Nicholas
by Kay-hall September 09, 2011
Wake Up Boner. Also referred to as morning wood, woody or simply a boner, this unique brand of wood rises with the sun or at least rises to greet the sun. It is the unfortunate person who awakes to a wub alone. Although Ms Michigan is an excellent wub rubber outer...it is the fortunate son that wakes up with a wub and a wub rubber next to them (also known as a wenchlet) who is an expert at working the knots out.
He: Honey, wake up. Do you think you could help me out here a little. I got a wub. I'm in need of some luvvin'.
Can you rub my wub?

She: I can do better than just be a wub rubber. Does someone want kissies?

He: Well if you're gonna do that, I better take a quick shower. My wub will still be there. C'mon. We'll clean up together.

She: Good. I was feeling a little dirty anyways.

He: I love wubs, wub lovers and kissies.
by Russ and Erin December 02, 2006
another cutesy way to say love. the sweet feeling in ones heart that is felt between two people. this feeling incompasses trust, communication, openness, friendship, attraction, forevers, dreams, miracles, tears, laughs, hugs & kisses, wishes, the uglies,beauties, unconditional, one and only, fears, humility, glory, sharing, loosing, learning, teaching, understanding, promises never lie, snuggles, just is, yeah!!! Oh yeah,also must include eskimo kisses!!
"I wub u Kelly!!!" simply means "I love you kelly!!!" just a little personalized way to say love. makes the connection more intimate & snugglie.Hooray for wub!!
by wizzie April 23, 2006
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