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An alternative techno/dubstep sound to unts.
I like a lot of wub wub wub in my electronica.
by Roflofagus May 07, 2009
Wub is the onomatopoeia of a sound featured in many dubstep samples. Wub is often dubbed "the new oonse."
1990s club: "Ooonse Oonse Oonse Oonse Oonse"

2010 club: "Wub Wub Wub Wub Wub"
by CombatKurt October 27, 2011
1. v. To persistently and aggressively shake a seat that someone is sitting in. 2. n. The constant and most basic note in the musical genre of Dubstep.
Dubstep: wub wub wub wub wub
by abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz2121 February 21, 2012
A "Wifed Up Bitch". A term used to antagonize your friend as he begins to slip deeper and deeper into a relationship.
Your Buddy: "Damn that girl is hot, I would totally slam"

You: No you wouldn't, you fucking WUB.
by The_Great_Gatesby November 10, 2015
Short for Wild Untamed Beast. A Wub is part Yellow Labrador, part Rhodesian. They are known for incredible weapon carving skills, circling, collapsing, sleeping and locating water fountains. They have smelly ear holes and are known to make "butt mohawks" if they encounter other puppies.
The Wub took 2 shits, 3 pisses and drank out of a water fountain.
by Wubbles April 13, 2015
To grab a woman's breasts, lift them up and then drop them. Easier to do if she is not wearing a bra.
Guy 1: Dude, why do you have a black eye?

Guy 2: I wubbed a random chick last night at the bar and she punched me in the face.

Guy 1: You're fucking stupid.
by Bassman150 July 28, 2014
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