a promiscuous female who enjoys different men to have sex with preferebly one after another on the same night, gang bangs,
oye call the football team we have wu. how u wife dat wu after we all got topped in the biulding.
by dip set December 27, 2007
Chat form of "what's up?"
mom- "jenny get in here"
jenny- "wu?"
by fkshbkfhsdF July 05, 2007
A blunt(a cigar) or marijuana with crack sprinkled on top, from the Wutang clan cds
Lets go get a dub and smoke a Wu
by Chris Sitler November 19, 2003
Stands for 'What Up?'
"Hey Mike"

by David W. June 14, 2007
A really adorable girl who squeaks when poked. Last name happens to be "Wu" and though shared with millions (even billions) of Asians, there is only one real WU, a native of Columbia
"Where's Wu?"
"I don't know. She's little. She may have been lost."
by Kar April 24, 2005
1) One who says things that sort of seem make sense but really do not.
2) A road-runner-like creature that can be found roaming the HW upper school. It is characterized by having unusually puffy hair and a predisposition for smoking... his opponents since he is so fast
"If you pay the tow truck driver before he tows your car away it costs twice as less!"
by English Major February 10, 2003
IM Term used for "Wats up" in the same way nm is used for "Not much" and brb is used for "be right back" ETC...
Hot_Gurl_608: wu?
Sexci_Stud_207: nm, u?

by SirReldar December 25, 2005

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