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1/200th of a second
The racer lost by a wu.
by hansoncat January 27, 2011
5 17
It is a type of dance where you do a series of flashy step moves while at the same time creating the Wu Tang W with your hands.

Man: Did you see Jon on the the dance floor doing that dance.
Girl: Yeah and he was looking fly as hell, what's it called?
Man: It's the "Wu "

by JBQuazi February 19, 2009
14 26
An adjective version of the Wu-Tang Clan.
Person 1: Man, Raekwon and Ghostface are so Wu.
22 37
a blunt, a mraijuana cigarette, tobbaco leaf joint
spark that wu yo, pass that wu homie, quit hittin that wu so much
by lil russ May 11, 2008
10 33
a common Asian last name.
bill wu is really smart. not to be stereotypical of asians, since im sure bill is just naturally inclined to be a genius, and it has nothing to do with his asian heritage.
by hi im heather January 10, 2004
52 75
Short of "What's up?". common used online.
A: i'm 2 tired. dont wanna live here anymore
B: wu?
A: i work too hard but my salary is too low
by cry_out March 16, 2007
15 42
The definition of "wu?" is whats up? Can be used in IMing or talking
Lexi: Hey
Roxie: Hey wu?
Lexi: nm and u?
Roxie: work
by lover SCM February 01, 2008
15 45