It is a type of dance where you do a series of flashy step moves while at the same time creating the Wu Tang W with your hands.

Man: Did you see Jon on the the dance floor doing that dance.
Girl: Yeah and he was looking fly as hell, what's it called?
Man: It's the "Wu "

by JBQuazi February 19, 2009
1/200th of a second
The racer lost by a wu.
by hansoncat January 27, 2011
An adjective version of the Wu-Tang Clan.
Person 1: Man, Raekwon and Ghostface are so Wu.
a common Asian last name.
bill wu is really smart. not to be stereotypical of asians, since im sure bill is just naturally inclined to be a genius, and it has nothing to do with his asian heritage.
by hi im heather January 10, 2004
a blunt, a mraijuana cigarette, tobbaco leaf joint
spark that wu yo, pass that wu homie, quit hittin that wu so much
by lil russ May 11, 2008
Short of "What's up?". common used online.
A: i'm 2 tired. dont wanna live here anymore
B: wu?
A: i work too hard but my salary is too low
by cry_out March 16, 2007
The definition of "wu?" is whats up? Can be used in IMing or talking
Lexi: Hey
Roxie: Hey wu?
Lexi: nm and u?
Roxie: work
by lover SCM February 01, 2008

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