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adjective to describe a situation where someone else throws a wrench in your plans thereby ruining everything.

verb; to wrench, wrenched: meaning to be the wrench thrower in someone else's plans.
had to cut my vacation short to fly home for a wedding. i totally got wrenched.

went on a double date with my friend, ended up with the notty mess. my friend totally wrenched me on that one.
by squeezyesq August 18, 2010
If a man were to masterbate too heavily or vigorously, he could damage his penis so that temporarily everytime he got an erection it would cause pain.
"Dude I was with Sarah last night, but after awhile she knew it was wrenched!"
by Scott.S November 15, 2007
To have the wool pulled over your eyes
Johnny: I'm finishing my shift early today, cleared it with the boss already
Paddy: Ok, see you tomorrow
Ian: Paddy, you just been wrenched
by you'rebeing June 17, 2011