Worldy means world class, but is most often used to describe someone of extreme beauty.
I see a worldy on the bus today
by charlieLAD April 05, 2012
A word class goal on FIFA, a term originating from Pro FIFA player Matt Barnard in Gloucester, 2010
That strike was a worldy

What an absolute worldy
by Literary Fellow February 24, 2012
World-class. Adjective for a thing of supreme, exquisite perfection.
Gareth Bale's 30-yard screamer for Spurs in the 90th minute against West Ham on February 25, 2013

"It's one of the worldies that he continues to produce."
"He scored a worldy." - Sam Allardyce
by chas'n'dave February 25, 2013
To complete a worldy is to complete something of world class. Usually referring to something of sporting importance and of great ability but can also refer to anyone who has just produced something of great skill.
" I just scored a worldy of a free kick "
" Ronaldinho scored another worldy "
" Flintoff had a worldy of an innings
by Terry Ashby April 15, 2006

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