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Barnard College is a school affiliated with Columbia University. It is a girls-only, artsy school in New York City.

Someone who goes to Barnard will graduate with a degree from Columbia University.

The school is noted for its political science department.
MA2: Didn't you go to Columbia University?

MA3: Technically, I went to Barnard. But I have a degree from Columbia.
#columbia #columbia university #college #new york city #politics
by macubed58 November 22, 2009
the growing up of a male boy without an actual father figure, someone that had to teach themselves the lessons in life and as such missed a couple things.
Dude1: you dont know how to set a hook??

Dude2: No man, how do you set a hook?

Dude1: You gotta tug a little when you see a nibble.

Dude2: Oh, sorry, im such a barnard.
#unprepared #unbriefed #not knowledgeable #inexperienced #uneducated
by Beaver81 July 13, 2008
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