something that i would like to have, but will not seeing that it is historically and prophetically impossible. but it costs you nothing to dream, no?
I wish i had world domination
by wishfulthinker June 18, 2003
Microsoft and America are the first things that I think of when I thing or World Domination
America: Yep, world domanition certainly fits in. And speaking for me... We WILL take over this world!

Microsoft: Is trying their best at world domination... But if one more f***in' think goes wrong with my internet, I'm gunna KILL THEM! At least dream about it... :/
by Won't tell YOU! September 15, 2006
The utter conquest of the entire globe by a select individual or group. I.e. Me, Tom D, Cat H, Mike B, Sam H and Amey M Or George w. Bush
One day ill rule the world!
Dude, all i need is a pair of scissors
When i find an elderberryfish, the world will be mine
by Nick BC October 11, 2004
What America will do someday.
You better watch your pansy little asses because one day America will rule your bitch-ass country.
Except for Iceland... Because they rock. Norway too.
by 3inchguitar October 27, 2004
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