World Domination is fun!
by Andrew Bryant September 03, 2005
Something America knows how to do best.
by AYB March 24, 2003
Something that World Leaders, Head BusinessMen, and the token Mad Scientists constantly struggle to acheive. Often resulting in epic battles wherein such goals are soundly defeated, and the world is once again saved.

"That nut! He's really out for World Domination!"
by Dray84 January 21, 2005
something i(we) will have
after we have world domination (destruction)we will travel to a new planet..and hoe is coming with us...cough cough
by Conor July 28, 2003
One word will rule them all...STARBUCKS!
Seriously, Starbucks in trying to take over the world with caffeine, sugar, and trans fat....oh, you thought fraps were just ice and milk? think again....

But wait, another contender is on the battlefield!...APPLE and the iPod! Oh wait, they're making a peace treaty!
When Starbucks achieves world domination, water will cost more than frappuchinos. And Apple will be supply Mac computers for the registers, and iPods for the baristas. The horror!
by darthdenali May 22, 2007
See Microsoft, Bill Gates, George Bush are trying to achieve... But won't get there before America!
America will get World Domination
by Won't tell YOU! September 15, 2006
The complete and utter domination of the world (Earth, Terra Firma) under the cold and iron grip of me! (or some other weird, generic megalomaniac).
All I need is a wet towel, a chicken burrito, and my fist. World domination will be easy after that...
by Emeralda July 10, 2004

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